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Washington REIT

After an extensive RFP process, the PBM, LLC Mid-Atlantic Team is proud to announce the beginning of a new vendor/partner relationship in Washington, D.C. effective July 1, 2016 with Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). PBM Mid-Atlantic has added an additional 6 buildings, totaling approximately 1 million square feet in Northwest Washington, D.C. to our portfolio.

PBM Mid-Atlantic portfolio now exceeds 3 million square feet of A -class commercial business space in the region. Our projection is to finish 2016 with a total of 5 million square feet, and grow to 20 million square feet by the start of 2020. The announcement of this new vendor/partner relationship reinforces PBM’s strong, established presence in the Mid-Atlantic region.

So why did Washington REIT select PBM? Because we are the differentiator. We are constantly illustrating how we do things BIGGER and BETTER. PBM proudly spends time and resources to have the most successful operation - this begins with being on top of advancements, the newest equipment materials and cutting edge technology. The DNA of Washington REIT compliments the DNA and foundation of PBM. Both companies put their employees and their welfare first, as they care about the quality and safety of their environment. This all led to a synergy between the two organizations – a true match made in cleaning heaven.

Washington REIT
Washington REIT
Washington REIT

PB Protection & PB Painting

As PBM continues to grow and deliver top-caliber services to our clients, we are excited to share some of our expanded offerings:

PBM has built our reputation on ensuring the safety and well being of our clients, so it was only natural that we created our security services division, PB Protection. With our excellent customer service and our top concern for you safety, PB Protection offers New York City commercial facilities quality union security services. Whatever your security needs, we have the perfect solution.

A fresh coat of paint is like a clean slate. PBM Painting will deliver professional painting solutions for interior and exterior projects with a focus on using painting systems that are low-to zero volatile organic compounds (VOC), surface tolerant, quick drying and easy to maintain and clean. Our services will not only provide you with beautiful surfaces but a better indoor air quality standard.

PB Protection
PB Painting

Training at PBM

Training at PBM

PBM Training Program with Anthony Rivera, Director of Training and Development and Human Resources

Where it all began...
The PBMethod & formal training program began at the birth of PBM and plays a major key component to its success. PBM’s Training program continues to evolve throughout the years by developing better and safer cleaning techniques for all employees.

PBM Training Program: The Mission
PBM is firmly committed to the safety of our employees, always and in all ways. We will do everything possible to prevent workplace accidents, and we are committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees.

We value our employees not only as employees but also as human beings critical to the success of their family, the local community and PBM. Our goal is to also be able to provide the highest quality of service.

Leading the PBM Training Program
As the Director of Training and Development and Human Resources, I develop, design and implement training for PBM locations in NY, DC, PA and CT in many areas. Some of my responsibilities include tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for each property and self-perform site inspections using “SmartInspect,” reviewing inspection data with Area Managers and Client Solution Mangers to improve and correct deficiencies, OSHA based safety training and more.

The PBM Difference.
The PBM Training program differs from other companies by our hand over hand training with groups and individuals. Giving our undivided attention by working with one another and educating one another for new and better ways of cleaning.

PBM Trained, Certified and Awarded
Upon completion of verbal and/or actual skill check, employees are issued a certification pin signify­ing his/her completion of the required course. PBM has four certification designations: green for health safety, baby blue for floor care, navy for restroom and light green for general office cleaning. Once an employee completes his/ her certifications they are provided with a PBM Perfect Rewards rechargeable Visa gift card. Following the issuance of the gift card the employee is officially enrolled in the Perfect Rewards Worker Incentive Program.


PBM Olympics

PBM Olympics

In honor of the 2016 Rio games, PBM hosted our very own office Olympic on June 10! Congratulations to the Finance Team who took home the famous “Golden Spray Can.”

Our office games had three challenges:

1. Shredding Carpet Sweep: Team that swept up all shredded pieces in their zone using lobby broom and dust pan.

2. Caution Sign Putting Contest: Each team made a putt under a Wet Floor Caution Sign until they sink a putt.

3. Toilet Paper 3 Point Contest: Each team had one minute to see how many rolls of TP they can get into the brute barrel.

The Olympic Planning Committee

The Olympic Planning Committee

The PBM Gold Medal

The PBM “Gold Medal”

The Finance Team Wins Gold!

The Finance Team Wins Gold!

PBM All-Star

PBM All-Star

The PBM All-star award recognizes someone who embodies the core values of PBM, including commitment to excellence, positive image and attitude, being a team player and a willingness to go above and beyond.

We are thrilled to award Frank Zuccarello with the first PBM All-Star award! Frank is an incredibly dedicated employee, co-worker and friend, and brings so much joy to everyone he works with. We awarded Frank with his very own all-star jersey, which we expect him to wear every day during his reign. Keep up the amazing work, Frank!

In addition to Frank, we are excited to add that Irene Sarkis was named our 2nd PBM All-Star! Irene consistently demonstrates all of the skills and strengths that we value at PBM. Job well done, Irene!


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