PBM Engineering Services


Serving over 60 facilities throughout the Northeast, PBM’s Engineering Services division provides experienced engineering and maintenance personnel to manage, maintain and maximize the performance of all of your building systems. Our thorough operations review is designed to seek out energy savings and provide simple solutions to streamline your operations and reduce waste.

PBM’s licensed and experienced operating engineers, helpers and handymen manage and maintain all of your building systems – heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling towers, plumbing, domestic water, control systems and more. We analyze systems for age, physical condition and maintenance levels, and analyze equipment operation to ensure systems are being operated in the most efficient manner possible.

Our Preventative Maintenance System is specifically designed to lower operating costs and maximize and track the life cycle of your building assets, providing the clear information you require to budget future capital expenditures.

PBM Engineering maximizes the potential of your existing Building Automation System; ensuring correct schedules are followed and making sure equipment operates only when needed. We ensure setpoints are set to their optimum values for efficiency and tenant comfort, identify and eliminate nuisance alarms and recommend upgrades or changes that would benefit the building operation.

When you select PBM Engineering along with our janitorial division, you get a fully integrated, single-source maintenance solution for your facility. With an emphasis on green cleaning, we can help ensure compliance with the latest government standards. If you’d like to reduce operating costs and maintain an environmentally friendly building, we have the technology and experience to assist you in these goals.

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