ENERGY STAR and LEED Certification


PBM can help your facility pursue ENERGY STAR rating and LEED certification. As part of your LEED certification process, PBM ensures the cleaning products and equipment used in your facilities meet all required standards and provide the documentation needed to pursue certification.

PBM Engineering helped the recently renovated 2 Broadway (MTA Building) attain its ENERGY STAR rating. Another recent success is One Penn Center at Suburban Station in Philadelphia. The age and design of this building offered more of a challenge, but PBM performed an energy assessment, recommissioned existing equipment and made appropriate adjustments to water, lighting and energy systems in order to achieve an ENERGY STAR rating.

Some of our recent LEED projects have included:
250 Park Avenue – Received LEED EBOM Gold certification
Cooper Union – Received LEED for new construction Platinum certification
360 Lexington Avenue – In the process of applying for LEED certification

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