With our highly experienced, dedicated staff and strategic business partners, PBM is your one-stop provider for facility cleaning and maintenance, building management, security and more.

Let us customize a service package to meet the unique needs of your facilities.

  • PBM-1
    Environmentally Safe and Responsible Janitorial Services
    • Environmentally safe and responsible janitorial services
    • General cleaning, trash removal
    • Kitchen and lavatory supplies
    • Food service sanitation
  • testserv
    Cleaning, restoration and maintenance solutions
    • Flooring (carpets, tile and grout, wood, stone, vinyl)
    • Blinds, draperies and sunshades
    • Windows and glass
    • Stone and metal
    • Furniture and upholstery
    • Pressure and steam washing
  • Special Services Thumb
    Special Services
    • 24/7/365 emergency response – cleaning and remediation
    • Construction cleanup
    • Day or night porter services for meetings and special events (cleaning, furniture relocation, etc.)
    • Executive fine cleaning
    • Computer rooms and sensitive equipment cleaning
    • Pest control services
    • Office wellness programs (anti-bacterial dispensers, sanitization, educational materials, etc.)
    • Document disposal
    • Medical waste disposal
    • Escalator maintenance
  • Engineering Services Thumb
    Engineering services
    • Mechanical and engineering systems management and maintenance
    • Electrical and lighting systems maintenance
    • ENERGY STAR and LEED certification assistance
    • Efficiency assessments and equipment recommissioning
    • Building Automation System assessments
    • Preventative Maintenance System
  • CPS-thumb
    CPS Security (preferred vendor)
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