Why PBM?


Perfect Building Maintenance is built on a tradition of excellence and a culture of integrity that has been fostered for three generations, Perfect Building Maintenance is the leader of sustainable and environmentally responsible green cleaning.  As a certified carbon neutral company, PBM uses cutting edge technology, sophisticated equipment and innovative materials to address clients’ needs while also taking in to consideration the delicate state of today’s environment.  Under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Scott Mager, PBM continues to pioneer approaches which drive the industry forward, creating new standards of excellence and waste management.  Our expertly trained employees are committed to exceeding client satisfaction, bringing a culture of excellence and pride to each client they care for.

Perfect Building Maintenance is committed to employees’ knowledge, training and supervision.  This hands-on approach and healthy mindset reflects the core values and integrity of PBM, a company which treats the facilities of each client as their very own using the most sophisticated janitorial equipment to safeguard property.  The PBM team values doing the right thing even when no one is watching.  Because we don’t cut corners—we clean them.

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