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March 11, 2020


PBM Team



Preparedness Protocol: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As we continue to monitor the fast-moving COVID-19 situation, we thought it prudent to make you aware of additional cleaning services available through Perfect Building Maintenance (PBM).

The current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other local and state health agencies continue to focus on the critical fact that the virus is transmitted through some form of direct contact.  With this in mind, PBM offers services for preventative cleaning, as well as those to treat areas associated with a confirmed case of COVID-19.  The service options range from direct-contact disinfectant wipes to positive ion disinfectant sprays.

Preventative Cleaning

For “preventative” cleaning, direct contact wipes would be used to sanitize and disinfect areas of “high-touch”, such as desktops and telephone handsets at workstations, and restrooms within office spaces.  Another level of preventative cleaning involves the use of electrostatic spraying.  This application is performed after-hours when office space is vacant of employees and visitors.  Given the current high demand for this service, it is necessary to schedule a preventative cleaning session in advance with PBM.

Confirmed Case of COVID-19

In the event you become aware of a confirmed case within your office area, please contact your Property Management office and PBM immediately.  The current CDC guidance advises that a period of up to 24 hours be observed before entering that space.  Once notified and within that 24-hour window, PBM will arrange for electrostatic cleaning of the affected area.  Again, offices must be vacated and only trained PBM personnel are allowed on-site during the application.  Information regarding the products used in either application is attached for your reference.

Stay Informed

For more information, please contact Dan Tokofsky, Vice President Sales & Marketing, to discuss ways in which you can incorporate higher levels of disinfectant into your preparedness planning.
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