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April 15, 2020


PBM Team



Special Bulletin: Enhanced Specialty Cleaning by PBM

Now is the time to plan your return to full operation.

As a building owner, office tenant, residential manager or public venue, you want to ensure your tenants, employees, guests and residents return with confidence and ease. You can do this by providing them a space that has been professionally and thoroughly sanitized and disinfected.

Perfect Building Maintenance (PBM) stands ready to meet this objective today by offering a full suite of enhanced specialty cleaning services for your immediate return, as well as deliver an ongoing, systematic schedule of facility maintenance for the future. Turn-key clean!

From manual deep cleaning and disinfecting to electrostatic spraying services, disinfecting of air handling units and other HVAC equipment, PBM will fully deliver for your return to operation.

To discuss the options most appropriate for your property, schedule a service appointment, please contact us immediately.

PBM Regional Contact Information for Enhanced Speciality Cleaning

New York


Dan Tokofsky
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
(917) 542–4404


Frank Zuccarello
(917) 946–5332



Dan Tokofsky
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
(917) 542–4404

Washington DC

Commercial & Residential

Liliana Germosen
Director of Business Development
(202) 599–9811


Commercial & Residential

Juan Martinez
Operations Manager
(203) 353–3363

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