Our Team

It takes great people to run a great company.

PBM continues to thrive under the leadership of a third-generation CEO, an extraordinary executive team and a caring sales team with years of combined experience in building, janitorial and real estate management.

Our expertly trained employees are committed to exceeding client satisfaction, bringing a culture of excellence and pride to each client they care for and every project they complete.

Executive Management Team

Scott A. Mager

Kim Hackett

Vincent E. Silvestri

Yolanda Perez

Daniel Tokofsky

Joseph Spera

Customer Solutions Team

Jennifer Wood

John Ortega

Anna Pavlovic

Eric Banovic

Operations Team

Christian Cooke

Anthony Rivera

Cordell Harrow

Eric Mustafalic

Jaime Leon

Robert Campos

Mark Kelly

Adela Haskja

PB Protection Division

Ron Lowe

Leibin Dejesus

Metal & Marble Division

David Butler

Painting Division

Barry Maher

Lee Goh

Jeff Hoffman

Workforce Solutions Division

Olga Diaz

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