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January 15, 2020


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PBM 5-Point Approach

PBM Pledge

PBM understands that being exceptional at the beginning of a contract is not the end, it’s just a great start.  With our commitment for innovative solutions and continuous improvement, we pledge to provide exceptional service and value every single day we work together.

As a privately-held company, we have one commitment: To provide the best customer service–always!

Based on years of experience, we created our 5-Point Approach to deliver unequalled building management and janitorial programs targeting your specific needs: Management Commitment; Service Delivery System; Quality Service Plan: Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Stewardship; and Human Resources.

Management Commitment

  • A comprehensive mission, vision and set of values
  • A strategic business continuity plan
  • A very responsive organizational structure
  • Detailed job descriptions throughout the organization
  • Risk management plan and compliance

Service Delivery System

  • Work-loading technology to accurately bid and estimate services
  • Transparent cost controls and budgeting
  • Reporting and work order-management processes
  • Building specific assignments and routines at individual levels
  • Detailed process for special requests
  • Detailed emergency and disaster response plan

Quality Service Plan

  • Site and project-specific performance requirements
  • Service quality metrics and key performance indicators
  • Operations inspections
  • Periodic and on-demand reporting
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Independent project auditors reporting to the CEO
  • Feedback and continuous improvement plan

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Stewardship

  • Regulatory compliance plan for all appropriate agencies including EPA and OSHA
  • Companywide LEED-compliant “GREEN CLEANING” chemical, equipment and protocol for all worksites
  • Janitorial supply room and equipment maintenance and service plan
  • Personnel protective equipment provisions and plan
  • Green commitment at the PBM corporate level including paperless work orders, invoicing and hybrid vehicles

Human Resources

  • Comprehensive associate training and certification program
  • Comprehensive background and immigration checks
  • Management training
  • Personnel development for non-technical customer service skills
  • Automated time and payroll management
  • 24/7 employee hotline

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