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June 3, 2020


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Time is NOW to Plan Your Return to Work: Preventative & Ongoing Cleaning Preparation

With lockdown restrictions across the country starting to ease, a new challenge now lies in how businesses will keep their workers healthy during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The good news is that as an employer or building owner you can take immediate action in ensuring your environment is clean and safe prior to their return. Even if no one has entered the workplace in weeks, a thorough cleaning plan will put your employees’ and tenants’ minds at ease, enabling them to return with confidence. But, you have to start the disinfecting process now.

The reality is that preventative cleaning is not a one-time approach. Once an area has been touched, the risk of contamination begins anew. Committing to a long-term and systematic cleaning routine is key in reducing the spread of infection today and down the road.

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Preventative Cleaning

When looking into preventative cleaning solutions, it is critical to learn the appropriate protocols, and how to correctly implement them into your workplace.

This is why many turn to contracting with a professional cleaning service who can best assist in this important process. Trained cleaning professionals use high-grade cleaning solutions that kill more germs than regular products would. This method targets and treats every germ-ridden nook and cranny in your work environment. 

At PBM (Perfect Building Maintenance), our highly experienced and trained staff operate on a 3-step enhanced specialty cleaning treatment process using high-grade disinfecting products to treat common areas and individual workspaces. All PBM disinfecting products are EPA registered and approved for use against the Coronavirus.

High-Touch & High-Traffic Areas

Office buildings and workspaces are spacious and contain several high-touch, high-traffic areas at-risk of exposure. Create a list today to identify those areas in your environment representing the greatest risks and put into place a defined frequency plan to clean and disinfect them. 

High-touch areas to clean prior to your staff’s return and address in the long-term include:

  • Offices & Common Areas such as reception areas
  • Shared Electronic Equipment Screens
  • Keyboards, Remote Controls
  • Tables & Phones
  • Kitchen/Pantry/ Bathrooms
  • Elevator Call Buttons
  • Door Knobs/Handles
  • Light Switches
  • ATM Machines

At PBM, we’ll perform an immediate cleaning solution to sanitize, deep-clean, and disinfect these high-touch, high-traffic areas. Afterward, through an ongoing maintenance program, we’ll coordinate scheduled cleanings of your office equipment and other common areas to ensure long-term cleanliness. Our goal is to provide the best possible service while practicing good safety measures at all times.

Enhanced Specialty Cleaning by PBM

Increasing the level of cleaning standard in the workplace while executing in the best interest of your employees is no easy task to handle. By hiring a proven subject matter expert, you can be certain your cleaning needs will be taken care of and have your employees return with confidence.

Through PBM’s full-suite of Enhanced Specialty Cleaning services, we’ll provide you with a workplace that has been professionally and thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. #TurnKeyClean

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