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June 11, 2021


PBM Team



PBM’s CEO Scott Mager Interviewed by Joe Connolly on WCBS Newsradio 880 Podcast – June, 2021

Scott Mager, CEO of Perfect Building Maintenance, was featured on the WCBS Newsradio 880 podcast, Small Business Report with Joe Connolly.

In the first of two clips, PBM’s CEO Scott Mager speaks to the longevity of the family-owned, Manhattan-based Perfect Building Maintenance. “My grandfather started this company with a squeegee and a bucket,” Mager, who has been with the business since 2000, said. Perfect Building Maintenance was expanded from a window cleaning service to a fully-operational cleaning brand by David Mager’s three sons. Their vision– to provide an exceptional customer experience with unmatched services– remains intact, even as the business expands up-and-down the east coast. To be sure, “Perfect Building Maintenance still does windows, inside and out,” said Connolly.

In the second clip, Mager speaks about PBM Now, Perfect Building Maintenance’s new initiative to ensure that newly reopened office buildings are given a thorough, expert cleaning, courtesy of PBM Now’s new Advanced Clean service. PBM Now features a comprehensive menu of cleaning services designed to provide a safe, confident, and efficient re-occupancy of your office space.

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